Updated JustMacros scripts for Atem and CasparCG

I’ve extended/updated the scripts described in my previous post and video.  Here is a description of what the scripts do and how to use them.


Still works the same as described in the video, plays back the video listed in the casparplaylist.txt at the index that is found in the index.txt file after routing the video server input to the outputs of the ATEM switcher.

Still works the same as described in the video, stops Caspar playback and sets the outputs of the switcher to inputs that you define in the script.

This script has been updated.  Run this script first and it will now create the jmfolder and all the txt files for you.  You no longer have to create them manually as described in the video.  (If the txt files already exist, it will leave them alone.)  It still resets the playlist index to 1, so running this script will set your playlist back to the beginning.

A new script.  This script “builds” a number from a keypad.  You need to duplicate this script for each number on the keypad, then modify the variable at the top to that number.  So, modify the variable to 1 and assign this to the “1” button on the keypad. Then duplicate it, change the variable to 2 and assign it to the 2 button on the keypad and so forth.

A new script.  This script will clear/reset the number that the above script has been building.

A new script.  This script will take the number that KeypadNumberPress has been building from the keypad and write it in to the index.txt file.  This script should be assigned to an “enter” button on the keypad.

So, the way that 004, 005 and 006 work is you can press 1 then 2 and then enter on a keypad, and now your index will be set to the 12th video in your playlist.

Here is a keypad that could be used to control all your playback from caspar and the playlist:

2 thoughts on “Updated JustMacros scripts for Atem and CasparCG”

  1. Need some help with coding for a project of my church.

    Could you help?
    (compensation is not a problem)

  2. Great implementation. A couple of questions: if you have several videos listed in your playlist, does this advance automatically from one to the next? For example, this might allow CasparCG to create a loop of content for pre or post service times.

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