JustMacros, CasparCG, ATEM playlist scripts, version 4.0


I’ve updated the scripts again to use the environment variables.  I’ve also created scripts that will let you use a keypad to set the playlist index.

As before, this will begin playback of the video file in the playlist at the current index.

As before, this will stop playback, and return outputs of the ATEM to defaults specified in the script.

This script will create/set the environment variables to defaults and create the playlist file if it doesn’t exist at c\jmfolder

Duplicate this script for each number on the keypad and modify the number at the top of the script to represent the number on the keypad the script is assigned to on your XKEYs device.

This script will clear the number that the above 004 scripts have been “building” with each keypress.

The “enter” key for your keypad.  This script will change the playlist index to the number that has been built using the 004 build scripts.  It also clears out the build so you’re ready to start building your next number.

So, the way this should work: when you press 1 and then 4 on the keypad, followed by the “enter” key (WriteBuildToIndex) then the next time you press play (PlaylistPlayback) the video number 14 in your playlist will play.


Here is a keypad that could be used to control all your playback from caspar and the playlist:

5 thoughts on “JustMacros, CasparCG, ATEM playlist scripts, version 4.0”

  1. Hi!
    I’m newbie at justmacros. I’m looking for any info about it, and I find your site.
    I have ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K. ATEM Broadcast Panel. But I need to run video often, so I decided to use casparcg like a video server.
    So I need to run video just pressing a button, and your script is very helpful for me, but I need than after ending of video, ATEM returns to previos camera. I don’t know how to do that?

  2. You’ll need to query casparcg from justmacros for the duration of the media clip. Then use the wait command in justmacros to delay until the clip has completed playing and switch to the desired camera.

  3. Hello, first off thank you very much for taking the time to share the video it’s been very helpful. Maybe you could point me in the correct direction to this question. I use a ATEM 2 a ton, love it. Just learning the CasperCG. What I would like to do is not tie the two together in JustMacros. I want to just use the video server separate. I want to have a small xkeys just control the playback from CasperCG. Simple commands…Play, Pause, Stop, Next, and Previous. Is this a difficult thing to accomplish? Thank you again.

  4. local SzhtName = “Rolic”;
    local min = 5;
    local sec = 15;
    local msec = 0;
    local dur = (min*60+sec)*1000 + msec;
    CasparSendRaw(1,’LOADBG 1-0 ‘ .. SzhtName);
    CasparPlayLayer (1, 1, 0, SzhtName);

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