Vocal Microphone Shootout – Live male vocals

Had a chance to test out 11 different vocal mics this week for our worship leader.  These aren’t your usual go-to mics so I thought people might want to hear what they sound like.  One video has the guitar mixed in with the vocal, and the other is just the vocal by itself.  (it was helpful for us to hear with the guitar since he usually sings with guitar, and some mics “meshed” better with the guitar then others.)


And now without the guitar…


Minimizing distortion in a digital board

The best way to minimize distortion in a digital board is to control the input. I’ve been using the Aphex 207D on vocal mics for a while now and love the MicLim circuitry that keeps the channel from distorting.

Here I’m running the vocals through a Heil PR35 capsule on a Shure SLX wireless system.  The output of the wireless Rx runs in to the 207D, which converts the signal to digital and runs in to my board through the AES inputs.


JustMacros, CasparCG, ATEM playlist scripts, version 4.0


I’ve updated the scripts again to use the environment variables.  I’ve also created scripts that will let you use a keypad to set the playlist index.

As before, this will begin playback of the video file in the playlist at the current index.

As before, this will stop playback, and return outputs of the ATEM to defaults specified in the script.

This script will create/set the environment variables to defaults and create the playlist file if it doesn’t exist at c\jmfolder

Duplicate this script for each number on the keypad and modify the number at the top of the script to represent the number on the keypad the script is assigned to on your XKEYs device.

This script will clear the number that the above 004 scripts have been “building” with each keypress.

The “enter” key for your keypad.  This script will change the playlist index to the number that has been built using the 004 build scripts.  It also clears out the build so you’re ready to start building your next number.

So, the way this should work: when you press 1 and then 4 on the keypad, followed by the “enter” key (WriteBuildToIndex) then the next time you press play (PlaylistPlayback) the video number 14 in your playlist will play.


Here is a keypad that could be used to control all your playback from caspar and the playlist:

Updated JustMacros scripts for Atem and CasparCG

I’ve extended/updated the scripts described in my previous post and video.  Here is a description of what the scripts do and how to use them.


Still works the same as described in the video, plays back the video listed in the casparplaylist.txt at the index that is found in the index.txt file after routing the video server input to the outputs of the ATEM switcher.

Still works the same as described in the video, stops Caspar playback and sets the outputs of the switcher to inputs that you define in the script.

This script has been updated.  Run this script first and it will now create the jmfolder and all the txt files for you.  You no longer have to create them manually as described in the video.  (If the txt files already exist, it will leave them alone.)  It still resets the playlist index to 1, so running this script will set your playlist back to the beginning.

A new script.  This script “builds” a number from a keypad.  You need to duplicate this script for each number on the keypad, then modify the variable at the top to that number.  So, modify the variable to 1 and assign this to the “1” button on the keypad. Then duplicate it, change the variable to 2 and assign it to the 2 button on the keypad and so forth.

A new script.  This script will clear/reset the number that the above script has been building.

A new script.  This script will take the number that KeypadNumberPress has been building from the keypad and write it in to the index.txt file.  This script should be assigned to an “enter” button on the keypad.

So, the way that 004, 005 and 006 work is you can press 1 then 2 and then enter on a keypad, and now your index will be set to the 12th video in your playlist.

Here is a keypad that could be used to control all your playback from caspar and the playlist:

Integrating an ATEM switcher with JustMacros and CasparCG

This video describes how I use JustMacros, CasparCG and our ATEM switcher to create a really powerful HD video playback solution at our church.

Download the scripts here:  scripts

(NOTE: I’ve extended the functionality of these scripts.  Please see this post for the new scripts.  You can still download the ones here that work just like in the video if you’d like.)

Feel free to download these scripts and modify them for your environment.  All I ask in return is that you leave a comment here and let me know where you’re using it!  Also, if you make any cool updates/additions to the scripts, let us know so we can take advantage of it as well.


The XKEYS XK-16 that I’m using:

The Blackmagic Mini Monitor SDI Card I’m using in the CasparCG video server:

The Blackmagic ATEM 2ME Switcher:

I’m playing back H.264 encoded mp4 videos.  These are my render settings in Premiere Pro CC:


What are your thoughts?  How are you using JustMacros and your ATEM switcher?


Free worship background

Ornament Border BlueI haven’t posted in a really long time so I thought I’d upload the worship background I’ve created for this week.  This is pretty similar to an early background I created that seems to be popular.  Hope you enjoy it.

As always, please feel free to download and use this background.  All I ask in return is that you leave a comment with where and how you are going to use it.



Free Easter Worship Background for 2012

Here is my welcome slide for Easter 2012.

Easter Welcome Slide for 2012

Worship background to accompany the above welcome slide

Easter Worship Background 2012


Feel free to use this background, all I ask in return is that you leave a comment, let me know where you’ll be using!