Giving away some free worship backgrounds

I’m giving away some of the worship backgrounds that I’ve made and used recently.  Enjoy!  Soon I’ll show you how to make backgrounds like this in a tutorial.

I only ask one thing in return.  If you download and use these backgrounds, leave me a comment below, tell me which ones you’ve used and where you used them, what church, etc.

You can also search this blog for ‘free worship backgrounds’ to find all the other media I’ve given away.





171 thoughts on “Giving away some free worship backgrounds”

  1. Thanks for these, I am a neophyte media worker with my church and we will use these as hymn back rounds.

  2. Im a Worship tech guy at Rocky Mount United Methodist Church, and I’ll probably end up using all of these at some point or another. Thanks for the High quality graphics

  3. Thanks for the beautiful background. I’m a worship singer getting ready for a concert, and I am going to use your teal background on my card.

  4. Hi, I’ve used the ornament borders blue one and just downloaded the turquoise worship background as well as the red background to use at Knox Presbyterian Church in southern California. Thanks so much, these are simple and beautiful.

  5. The teal and red backgrounds are outstanding! Will use them at First United Methodist of Azle, Texas, Thanks so much!!!

  6. I am using all but the red one for our three worship songs at youth group here in northern california. Community Christian. Thanks!

  7. Hey, I’m using the cloudy one tomorrow for our morning service. You can join us if you want, here at Ramona Friends Church in Ramona, OK. Our windows make it hard to sometimes see the screen, so I hope this works. I’m using Keynote on a MacBook Pro. Thanks for your work.
    Also, nobody has commented since 2013? Lame.

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