Schematic for H.264 Pro Recorder streaming to MXLight

Someone asked me a for a schematic, or hook up diagram for this setup, so here it is.  Please note the H.264 Pro Recorder only streams with MXLight software (or livestream Producer program, which is a paid service.)  and it is NOT the solution I recommend for live streaming.  It DOES NOT work with OBS or other streaming encoders.  (Click the photo to see it full size.)

The H.264 Pro Recorder does work well for recording your video on to a computer through the BMD Media Express software.






A – Canon Vixia R800
B – H.264 Pro Recorder
C – ART CleanBoxPro
D – XLR to 1/8″
E – Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable
F – USB Mini-B cable

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