Recommended Free VST Plugins

I’ve been doing some mixing lately again and have been looking for some good free VST plugins.

I’ve come across this compressor, the D2, that seems to work really well and sounds decent so far with what I’ve thrown at it.

I’ve also liked this reverb plugin, the epicVerb.  It has some really nice sounds and is pretty easy to tweak and adjust to the sound the you want.

I also came across a guy who is putting out free virtual instruments,  If you are doing any composing with midi and are looking for some free instruments or synth/sound generators, this guy has a bunch of free stuff.  I particularly like the Virtuoso and Ethereal PadZ2.

I’ve also been able to get some nice warm EQ sound out of the BootEQ MkII plugin.  The EQ isn’t harsh and sounds very natural.

All good stuff for the price, FREE.  Thanks guys for making these plugins available.

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