Free worship background

Ornament Border BlueI haven’t posted in a really long time so I thought I’d upload the worship background I’ve created for this week.  This is pretty similar to an early background I created that seems to be popular.  Hope you enjoy it.

As always, please feel free to download and use this background.  All I ask in return is that you leave a comment with where and how you are going to use it.



7 thoughts on “Free worship background”

  1. Beautiful background. Thanks for sharing it. We will use it for a worship lyric background at our church near Columbus, Ohio.

  2. Hi I would like to use this background for a flyer for our new contemporary evening service – Encounter God. Thanks

  3. Hello,
    thank you for providing this background. It is very pretty. I might be using it for my book cover. Blessings,

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