More free worship backgrounds

I’m giving away some more backgrounds.  These are free to use any way you want, but please don’t re-distribute them.

Most of these are in 16:9 aspect ratio.  You should be able to easily cut them down to 4:3 with any photo editor application.

All I ask in return is that you leave a comment below and let us know where you are from and how you are using them.

You can also search “free worship backgrounds” on this blog to find all the other media I’ve given away.

TitleSlide Download here: Title Slide (2636)
ThemeSlide Download here: Theme Background (4310)
RedSwirls Download here: Red Swirls (3451)
PurpleSwirls Download here: Purple Swirl (3559)
BrownWallpaperTexture Download here: Brown Wallpaper (2055)
BlueGrunge Download here: Blue Grunge Background (2438)
BlueAbstract Download here: Blue Abstract (3731)

60 thoughts on “More free worship backgrounds”

  1. Thank you so much for these backgrounds! My husband and I are filling in for a worship team at a local church so they can lead worship at a large event in Oklahoma. I used the two aqua slides.

  2. Thanks – it’s December 31st and the media budget is shot and I wanted to add something different for 2015 – your free backgrounds are beautiful and such a help. Thanks – John B at FBC Canton, TX

  3. Thanks so much for these—I love the beautiful simplicity. I use them at Knox Presbyterian Church in southern California.

  4. Thank You! Our church is small, and being able to use your backgrounds for worship slides is a Godsend.

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