Facebook Live, OBS Walk Through on a PC

In this video I describe how to use free OBS  software to stream to Facebook Live using a PC, the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle and a PC.  This is one of the cheapest ways to begin high quality streaming as it will let you use any external camera or switcher with HDMI outputs.  (One big gotcha that I discuss in the video, as well as a workaround for it, is that the Intensity Shuttle does NOT support the 1080p60 video standard.)

Watch the video here!

***** DOWNLOAD LINKS *******
OBS Software
BM Desktop Video Drivers

***** EQUIPMENT LINKS ******

Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

ENTRY LEVEL CAMERA (Requires Format Converter!)
Canon VIXIA R800
Format Coverter

PRO-LEVEL CAMERA (Does not require format converter)
Panasonic UX90

HP zBook Laptop
HP z440
z440 Additional Ram


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