Vocal Microphone Shootout – Live male vocals

Had a chance to test out 11 different vocal mics this week for our worship leader.  These aren’t your usual go-to mics so I thought people might want to hear what they sound like.  One video has the guitar mixed in with the vocal, and the other is just the vocal by itself.  (it was helpful for us to hear with the guitar since he usually sings with guitar, and some mics “meshed” better with the guitar then others.)


And now without the guitar…


Minimizing distortion in a digital board

The best way to minimize distortion in a digital board is to control the input. I’ve been using the Aphex 207D on vocal mics for a while now and love the MicLim circuitry that keeps the channel from distorting.

Here I’m running the vocals through a Heil PR35 capsule on a Shure SLX wireless system.  The output of the wireless Rx runs in to the 207D, which converts the signal to digital and runs in to my board through the AES inputs.


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